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Update log:

Version 1.413 HOTFIX FOR 2017.2 - 16 october 2017
- Fixed naming conflict after Unity introduced a class that had an identical name to a class in RealtimeCSG

WARNING: 2017.2 has a bug where upgrading a Unity 5.4 scene file/prefab will break your Realtime-CSG scene!
         You can work around this by loading and saving your scene files & prefabs in 5.5, 5.6 or 2017.1 before you load it in 2017.2

Version 1.413 - 25 july 2017
- Fixed layout issue with "Update lightmap UVs" button when helper window is docked
- Fixed alignment issue when extruding surface when not axis aligned in all 3 directions
- Fixed issue with extruded surfaces being placed incorrectly
- Fixed issue with not being able to extrude surfaces
- Fixed issue with (accidentally) calling GameObjectUtility.SetStaticEditorFlags every frame would make it impossible to rename objects?

- Known Issue: the experimental brush "Contents" part is temporarily removed from this version since it's currently broken, 
				it'll be brought back (in some form or another) in a subsequent version.
Version 1.412 - 22 july 2017
- Rendering the visible parts of a model is now optional and can be changed in the bottom right corner of the scene view
- All collider surfaces will now be shown when "Show Collider flags" is toggled in the bottom right corner of the scene view
- Models with more than 64k vertices now generate multiple meshes instead of failing
- Model will have one unified collision mesh
- Some in scene GUI performance improvements (using layouts is slooooow)
- Some CSG performance improvements on large scenes
- Fixed issue with triangles dissappearing when intersecting multiple complicated brushes
- Fixed issue with "[generated-meshes]" objects appearing in scene after play
- Fixed being able to select brushes that are in an invisible layer
- Fixed issue with scene immediately being marked as modified on load
- Fixed issue with raycasting math breaking on infinitely thin triangles (selection should be more reliable now on large brushes)

Version 1.411 - 30 june 2017
- Added Linear Stairs Generator
- Marquee selection in mesh edit mode now no longer selects hidden points/edges & polygons by default
	- This can be changed into the old behaviour by setting the right settings in the new "CSG options" preference menu
- Fixed issue where a model would always claim it needs it's UVs recalculated for lightmapping, even though they're already generated

Version 1.410 - 14 june 2017
- Fixed issue with drag & drop not adding drag & dropped brushes to model beneath cursor

Version 1.409 - 6 june 2017
- Brush 'contents' settings now work if non-'solid' (for example water) contents is placed before or after 'solid' brush in hierarchy (still experimental)
- Exported meshes are now centered 
- Fixed error that caused crash in Unity 2017.1 when using Unity's (experimental) .Net 4.6 support
- Fixed drag & dropping a prefab in the scene being added to previous prefab instances
- Fixed dangling "generated-meshes" to be left behind in scene when deleting prefab-instance that contains model
- Fixed mirroring not working on some brushes

Version 1.408 - 20 may 2017
- Fixed texture editing not updating meshes correctly
- Fixed surfaces disappearing, sometimes
- Fixed pre-calculated lighting disappearing, sometimes

Version 1.407 - 19 may 2017
- Experimental feature: brush can set Contents to be Solid, Glass or Water, this avoids brushes with different contents from removing the geometry inside the other
- Inspector now shows surfaces of selected brush
- Modifying the default texture while creating a brush will now change the texture of the brush being created
- Improved snapping when drag & dropping meshes
- Fixed one side of sphere would always use wall material instead of (settable) default material
- Fixed issues with invalid tangents being generated under some circumstances
- Fixed default-CSG Model (the model that is uses when a brush is not inside a model) still being included in the build even when it has no meshes

Version 1.406 - 7 may 2017
- Mesh drag & drop now snaps to grid, onto csg models and onto in-scene meshes (issue #130 / #100 / #61)
	note: dragging onto meshes in scene only works if mesh has colliders (unity limitation)
- Fixed outlines not updating in wireframe mode, when deleting last model or undoing change that creates only model in scene.

Version 1.405 - 5 may 2017
- Fixed free-draw sometimes not updating it's shape even though it was valid 

Version 1.404 - 4 may 2017
- Grid is now rendered completely in a shader, smoother lines, faster rendering
- Added "Enable" button to inspector and realtime-CSG window when realtime-CSG is disabled
- Added ability to remove hidden csg model from exported model
- Improved sphere texturing
- Move gizmo is now always in center of selection when move tool is selected
- Fixed model non-uniform scaling + brush rotation causing weird behaviour
- Fixed helper surface texture was inverted
- Fixed pressing enter after creating 2d shape, and before extruding, not using previous height
- Fixed some minor GUI issues like labels being clipped and unnecessary scrollbars appearing 
- Fixed hidden exported model becoming visible again after loading scene containing exported model
- Fixed exporting model not working well with Undo
- Fixed issue with some code updating too much

Version 1.403 - 19 april 2017
- Fixed warning in Unity 5.5 and beyond
- Fixed tooltip text for scale snapping
- Fixed chamfering always snapping even when snapping was turned off
- Fixed chamfering removing smoothing when chamfering length is 0
- Fixed removing model component would not destroy its meshes
- Fixed accidentally selecting meshes when clicking when "show meshes" is turned on on model
- Fixed drag & dropping brushes with placement set to "Align Surface Up" actually aligning properly on surfaces
- Fixed being able to chamfer vertices and edges at the same time

Version 1.402 - 17 april 2017
- Added default material that will be used when creating, chamfering or cutting brushes (feature request #167)
- Added ability to rotate or clone + rotate by user given euler angles
- Added ability to move or clone + move by user given offset
- "snap to grid" now works on selected edges and polygons as well as vertices

- Fixed missing materials causing surfaces to not show up at all
- Fixed "Use Default" button in keys settings menu not storing any changes
- Fixed back key being registered as right key, changing either change both to the same key.
- Fixed wireframe not rendered at right position when creating box and moving the bottom plane
- Fixed moving object on local grid not snapping correctly

Version 1.401 - 16 april 2017
- Fixed drag & dropping materials onto brushes causing model to get confused over which brush has what material

Version 1.400 - 16 april 2017
- Improved extrusion now copying smoothing settings from surrounding surfaces
- Added support for chamfering by shift-dragging an edge or vertex in mesh mode

- Fixed issue with moving vertices/edges of extruded surface during extrusion would only move in XY plane
- Fixed model not being correct when both rotated and scaled
- Fixed scaling surfaces not merging vertices & removing 0 area polygons, causing CSG problems
- Fixed scaling surfaces getting 'stuck' at 0% sometimes
- Fixed issue with raycasting falsely giving back value indicating that surface is inverted (subtracted) 
	due to 1 byte c++ booleans being interpreted as 4 byte booleans in c#
- Fixed not showing selected brushes when in generate mode
- Fixed occluded lines of selected brushes being too subtle too see
- Fixed reversed surfaces (from subtractive brushes) not smoothing normals correctly under some circumstances
- Fixed marquee selection not working with shift
- Fixed marquee selection oscillating between selecting and not selecting when holding control
- Fixed exporting FBX not creating prefab link to exported FBX file

Known issue:
- model is not correct when scaling is non-uniform

Version 1.369B - 10 april 2017
- Removed compiler warnings

Version 1.369 - 9 april 2017
- Can now extrude shape while hovering over plane w/ box and cylinders as well

Version 1.368 - 9 april 2017
- Improved selecting edges, vertices and polygons in mesh mode
- Can now extrude shape while hovering over plane (freedraw only) 
- Fixed extruding bottom plane would move incorrectly when not extruding in direction of surface normal
- Fixed Colliders always being generated
- Fixed RigidBody always visible
- Fixed handles being the wrong size in Unity 5.6
- Fixed issue with infinite values causing unity to hang

Version 1.367 - 5 april 2017
- Fixed issue with surfaces disappearing, until rebuild, when editing mesh

Version 1.366 - 4 april 2017
- Fixed warnings for Unity 5.6 due to API changes
- Mesh edit scaling improvements
	- Fixed scale snapping size in mesh mode
	- Scaling vertices in mesh mode now properly scale when unity is in local mode
	- Can now extrude surface in direction of axis in global mode
	- Can now scale by dragging edges
	- Added scale snapping value to bottom bar
- Mesh edit movement improvements
	- When dragging an edge when the movement tool is selected it'll now move on the plane that intersects that edge
		(ie. an edge going in the Z direction will now default on moving on the XY plane)
		of course you can always select the edge and then use the unity movement gizmo to move it in any direction you want.
- Added ability to rotate vertices in edit mode
- Helper lines that show the distance to the grid are now no longer shown when the grid is off
- When disabling realtime-CSG (control-F3) all code is now really disabled, Fixes issue where realtime-CSG would eat all input when disabled

Version 1.365 - 28 mar 2017
- Fixed "Receive Shadows" flag behavior on models being reversed
- Fixed "Shadow Only" sometimes not working
- Fixed corrupt mac bundle 
- Added "Preserve UV" flag to models, which sets the similar named flag in the lighting tab
- Added ability to show the generated meshes by toggling the "Show Meshes" checkbox in the model
- Extrusion of a surface now uses Shift instead of Alt (too much interference with Camera Orbit)

Version 1.364 - 16 mar 2017
- Mesh mode:
	- now shows position handle in move mode which you can use to move selected vertices
	- now shows scale handle in scale mode which you can use to scale selected vertices
- Some performance improvements

Version 1.363 - 15 mar 2017
- Surfaces can be set to "ShadowOnly" individually
- Some mesh generation optimizations
- Fix where surfaces would become unselectable in surface mode

Version 1.362 - 7 mar 2017
- Fixed issue with lightmaps not being created properly
- Fixed issue with lighting being recalculated when loading level

Version 1.361 - 14 feb 2017
- Fixed issue with lighting being rebuild on after play in editor
- Fixed issue with no lighting at runtime
- Fixed issues with helper surfaces (shadow-only, discard) 
	- not using default scaling
	- sometimes not being rendered when they should be
	- lightmaps would be build for helper surfaces

Version 1.360 - 9 feb 2017
- Fixed ShadowsOnly models not blocking shadows because mesh wasn't generated.
- Fixed ShadowsOnly models being clickable/surfaces being selected even though they're not shown
- Fixed tool surfaces (discarded, triggers) rendered as solid when sceneview is in wireframe mode
- Fixed tangents pointing in wrong direction, making lighting for normal maps point in wrong direction
- Fixed issue with trigger events not working by moving the meshcolliders to the model at build/play time
- Fixed issue where surface selection would keep brushes selected in hierarchy when none of it's surfaces are selected
- Fixed issue with texture copying not working when clicking one src and then dst surface (smearing worked fine)
- Fixed issue where you needed to undo texture smearing 2x before the operation was undone

Version 1.359 - 3 feb 2017
- Changed sphere generation key code to M since R collided with existing unity keycode
- Fix for surfaces remaining visible when models are disabled (issue #169)
- Ability to drag object over surface (just like when drag & dropping) by holding shift in object mode (issue #134)
- Fixed issue where lighting was incorrect on subtracted surfaces due to tangents and binormals being inverted (
- Fixed issue where copying materials from one surface to another would not align properly in some situations

Version 1.358 - 30 jan 2017
- Height guides in Object mode now show a shadow outline
- If you hold Z in Object mode all the move points are disabled to make it easier to move the selection up/down
- No more MeshCollider errors in console when bounds are resized in such a way that it has a 0 width side
- Created hotkey "I" to insert point in center of selected edges when creating free-draw shapes 
- Fixed locking axis working when snapping is off
- Fixed position handle always snapping, even when snapping was off
- Position handle now shows disabled arrows
- Ability to turn off texture locking, making the texture stay at the same position in the 
	world when you move brushes around

Version 1.357 - 24 jan 2017
- Layers and tags are now copied to meshes at editor time, not just at runtime (used for raycasts in editor, fixes issue mentioned in forum)
- X/Y/Z locking now has different tooltips for when locked or unlocked, shows colors of axis to lock/unlock
- Rotation pivot now uses custom move gizmo that can show when axi are locked
- Fixed losing selection when clicking on toolbar in sceneview that doesn't have focus
- In object mode, while using Unity's move tool, you can now move your selection using unity's position gizmo
- Extrude a surface by dragging from center point when holding ALT (before you needed to click and then drag it)
- Added height guides to Object mode

Version 1.356 - 22 jan 2017
- Added hotkey to recenter pivot (control-R)
- When scaling, moving etc. on grid, also snapping to starting position to make it easier to go back to original place
- Fixed issue not rendering bounding boxes correctly in object mode when scale was not 1,1,1
- Fixed issue with snapping to grid not updating outlines correctly
- Added hotkey to tooltip of "snap to grid" button in mesh mode

Version 1.355 - 21 jan 2017
- Fixed colliders not being found by physics raycasts in editor by disabling it and enabling it after creation (unity bug)
- Added tooltips to pivot placement items in object mode UI
- Added units to pivot x/y/z fields in object mode UI
- Changing the pivot now actually moves the mesh and the transform position, changing the actual pivot of the mesh.

Version 1.354 - 20 jan 2017
- Added ability to set rotational pivot in object mode and rotate around it

Version 1.353 - 18 jan 2017
- Fixed/Improved Rotation visuals
	- Rotation delta angle, is always the same as other angle. Removed the non-delta angle.
	- Moved rotation ticks on outside of rotation radius
	- Show ticks on snap angles
	- Made bounds less visisble when rotating in object mode (it's distracting)
	- Fixed not being able to rotate in ortho!? 
	- Now showing rotation axis name (X/Y/Z) in object mode
- Fixed/Improved Move visuals
	- Scale arrow cursors where turned incorrectly when in local mode
	- Now showing grid when hovering over edge scale drag points
- Fixed grid not rotating in local mode!?

Version 1.352 - 12 jan 2017
- Fixed surface select clicking no longer working
- Fixed some compiler warnings on Unity >= 5.5
- Fixed issue with dragging brush onto unity mesh
- Selected surfaces are now slightly darker to make it easier to see which ones are selected. Color still needs tweaking
- Drag & dropping a material on operation that has "handle as one object" while holding shift (which means 'apply material on all') 
	will apply the material on all surfaces of all brushes inside the operation
- Free draw
	- Hotkey is now N since both X and V are used by Unity and interfere with realtime-CSG (sorry!)

Version 1.351 - 11 jan 2017
- Fixed panning camera by arrow keys not working in surface mode (issue #143)
- Fixed drop down in bottom bar not responding (issue #158)
- Fixed Unable to select brushes (issue #96)
- Fixed Sometimes can't use the move tools / drag select anymore (issue #109)
- Tangents of curved edges now snap to the grid, which makes it easier to be more precise with them
- After creating a shape in generator mode it doesn't take you back to another edit mode anymore
- Can now continue with extruding when moving mouse outside of view 

Version 1.350 - 10 jan 2017
- Fixed issue where extruding on an inverted surface would make brush subtractive when it should be additive and visa versa (issue #159)
- Fixed issue where drawn grid would not reset properly after drag & dropping (issue #161)
- Fixed issue where drag & dropping would not work if behind a canvas (issue #50)
- When Realtime-CSG is disabled it will also disable wireframe mode in sceneviews (and re-enable it when Realtime-CSG is enabled again)
- Fixed Pressing alt during the brush generation process zooms in (issue #82)
- Implemented drag & dropping materials on surface material display (issue #16)
- Implemented new settings dialog where you can edit the keys for realtime-CSG 
- Modified free-draw hotkey to X to avoid conflict with V key that's used by unity (issue #77)
- Modified arrows/pageup/pagedown hotkeys to control + arrows/pageup/pagedown to avoid conflict with unity keys

Version 1.349 - 8 jan 2017
- Fixed helper material textures not loading
- Fixed curve handles being initialized incorrectly

Version 1.348 - 8 jan 2017
- Fixed issue with operations not being set up correctly in certain circumstances
- Fixed issue with curve handles in free draw using wrong plane to move on
- Fixed issue with free draw shape not updating the current operation type when the shape changed, under some circumstances

Version 1.347 - 8 jan 2017
- Added tooltips to operation/brush prefab behaviour fields in inspector

Version 1.346 - 8 jan 2017
- Fixed issue with drag & dropping a prefab into a new scene causing an error

Version 1.345 - 8 jan 2017
- Next/Prev CSG tool is now Control-PageDown/Control-PageUp (instead of just PageDown/PageUp)
- You can now move your selection on the grid with the following keys
   Left Arrow Key/ Right Arrow Key - Move Left (negative X) / Right (positive X) with grid sized steps
   Up Arrow Key/ Down Arrow Key - Move Forward (positive Z) / Back (negative Z) with grid sized steps
   PageUp/ PageDown - Move Up (negative Y) / Down (positive Y) with grid sized steps
- You can also rotate your selection on the XZ plane using , and .

Version 1.344 - 7 jan 2017
- Fixed error when mesh editing and disabling multiple brushes
- Improved performance when modifying curves in free drawn shapes
- Added CSGModelModifiedEventAttribute callback (request #157) 
	that allows you to create a static method that is called when the model has been changed like this:
	static void OnCSGModelModified(CSGModel model, GameObject[] modifiedMeshes)
- Added public static class CSGModelManager that has these methods (request #157):
	// rebuilds all the meshes for all the models in the current scene(s)
	public static void ForceRebuild();		
	// ensures that all models are up to date and rebuild if changed.
	public static void EnsureBuildFinished(); 
	// returns all the GameObjects for a model that contain MeshRenderers and/or MeshColliders
	public static GameObject[] GetModelMeshes(CSGModel model); 
	// returns all the current models in the current scene(s)
	public static CSGModel[] GetAllModel();

	Both of these methods will call generate CSGModelModifiedEvents (see above) if anything has changed 
Version 1.343 - 3 jan 2017
- All generators now use units which can be toggled between cm/mm/m/inches & feet
- Added hemisphere option to sphere generator, makes it possible to create hemispheres (related to request #17)

Version 1.342 - 30 dec 2016
- Fixed remaining known smoothing issues (issue #153)
- Broken and continuous curve handles now have different colors to make it easier to see 
- Free drawing shape now has it's material continuously applied over it's surface, 
	instead of having random material parameters for every polygon

Version 1.341 - 29 dec 2016
- Fixed that some tooltips where behind the tool window
- Fixed some cases where smoothing would fail (issue #153)
	(still one known case remaining where >2 brushes intersect on same edge)
- Added support for imperial units (feet/inches) (requested in forum by Sea_Fog)
- Added CreateCube method to BrushFactory API class
- Added sphere generation (WIP) (related to request #17, mentioned in asset store comment)

Version 1.340 - 19 dec 2016
- Fixed curve smoothing in curved shape using multiple smoothing groups, which caused normal smoothing to look broken (issue #153)
- Fixed new tooltips showing black text on black background when unity is using non-pro skin
- Added new tooltips
- Known issue "some tooltips are hidden behind tool windows"

Version 1.339 - 18 dec 2016
- Fixed normal smoothing not always smoothing over touching surfaces (issue #153)
- Added new tooltip system, not everything is using it yet though.

Version 1.338 - 15 dec 2016
- Fixed error when closing a scene (issue #118)
- To scale a polygon, just select the unity scaling tool (top left corner) and scale the polygon center point (issue #113)
- Fixed undo-ing a mesh modification resulting in an invalid brush
- Fixed "Brush geometry not generated after building scene" (issue #154)

Version 1.337 - 13 dec 2016
- Fixed deleting vertices in free-draw mode produces an error when working with curved surfaces (issue #152)
- Generated brushes are now added to model which is drawn upon (issue #151)
- When multiple brushes are selected, if you move a vertex all vertices belonging to other selected brushes that are on the same spot are also moved.

Version 1.336 - 11 dec 2016
- Fixed non rendered meshes (such as triggers) not ending up in build (issue #149)

Version 1.335 - 8 dec 2016
- Fixed performance issue when having in-scene tool window and lots of assets in project

Version 1.334 - 8 dec 2016
- Operation option "select on child" is renamed to "Handle as one object"
- Made outlines a bit easier to see in clipping mode
- Fixed clipping not resetting properly when dragging a new clipping plane on brush
- If you drag a plane on a brush and no brushes are selected, 
	the brush underneath the mouse is now automatically selected
- In clipping mode, when mouse is not over a brush, it'll show a different point shape
- In clipping mode, you can cycle through the clipping modes using TAB
- prefabs now have setting to set up which direction it was created in, 
	so that it's properly aligned when drag & dropping it onto a surface
- Experimental support for polygon scaling by holding control-alt + drag the center point (issue #113)

Version 1.333 - 6 dec 2016
- Added hotkeys for flipping selection brushes over X Y and Z axis
	Control-Shift-X flip selection over X axis
	Control-Shift-Y flip selection over Y axis
	Control-Shift-Z flip selection over Z axis
- Cylinder settings are now stored
- Fixed Cylinder shape fitting, which was wrong

Version 1.332 - 5 dec 2016
- Fixed rendering special surfaces in unselected scenes in editor when multiple scenes are loaded (issue #53)
- Fixed dragging model from one scene to another does not rebuild the mesh(es) in inactive scenes (issue #73)
- Implemented hotkeys for all edit modes (issue #102)
	Alt-F1 for Object edit mode
	Alt-F2 for Generate edit mode
	Alt-F3 for Mesh edit mode
	Alt-F4 for Clip edit mode
	Alt-F5 for Surface edit mode
- Added ability to export (convert) model to mesh (issue #38)

Version 1.331 - 1 dec 2016
- Fixed "When Reenabling a CSG model the model does not update" (issue #142)
- Created curved surface are now automatically normal-smoothed (issue #115)

Version 1.330 - 30 nov 2016
- Improved curved shape support,
	- now is initialized properly
	- allows you to set vertices to be 'broken' (each side of vertex is part of a different curve)
	- allows you to toggle vertices and edges to be straight, curved or broken by clicking on it multiple times
Version 1.329 - 29 nov 2016
- Lightmaps are now reset when meshes are modified, this avoids garbage lighting to show up while editing.
  this makes it clearer that the lightmaps need to be rebuild (issues #93)
- Prevent meshes being set when they're unchanged (this would force the lighting to be rebuild)
- Implemented "Organize all files under one root folder" (issue #138), 
  all files in "Editor Default Resources" directory have been moved to "Plugins\RealtimeCSG\Editor\Resources"
- Added ability to toggle visibility with the hotkey Shift-H (issue #101)

Version 1.328 - 28 nov 2016
- Fixed "Realtime GI breaks when entering play mode" (issue #116)
- Fixed "Can't selecting brushes after play mode" (issue #60)
- Fixed "When moving an entire model the CSG sometimes doesn't update" (issue #108)
- Improved "Grid Lines can't see on Models" (issue #133) / Partially "Improve grid colors" (issue #83)
	made grid lines less transparent + showing more transparent (secondary) lines inside the model

Version 1.327 - 27 nov 2016
- Implemented "Ability to turn off the lower toolbar" (issue #114) 
  / Implemented "Way to disable Realtime CSG" (issue #129)
   control-F3 now enables/disables realtime-CSG
- Fixed "Turning 'Do Not Render' back on still has the object hidden" (issue #104)

Version 1.326 - 26 nov 2016
- Fixed "Dimension arrows/lines are skewed" (issue #132)
- FBX Export now defaults in Asset folder instead of in Project folder
- FBX Export now fixes materials on export (issue #88)
- Fixed "Area-selecting brushes always uses global bounds" (issue #128)
- Fixed "'can use xx Tool in yy mode' can get it the way" (issue #103)
- Fixed "Deleting brushes leaves floating invisible surfaces behind" (issue #122 / #72)
- Implemented request "Splitting multiple objects should retain selection of all selected objects" (issue #69)
- Improved "surface selection in surface mode" (issue #135) 
	if you click on a selected surface without control/shift/alt etc. then 	it'll change the selection to just that surface

Version 1.325 - 24 nov 2016
- Added handles when turning edges into curved edges when creating a shape (WIP)

Version 1.324 - 24 nov 2016
- Fixed special surface rendering not working on Unity 5.4 and up (issue #131)

Version 1.323 - 23 nov 2016
- Fix for "Change the way height handle manipulation works" (issue #126)
- Fix for "Invisible and discarded surfaces block GI" (issue #125)

Version 1.321 / 1.322 - 22 nov 2016
- Drag copy now ignores center points
- Drag copy now only copies when there's an offset to avoid leaving a duplicate at the exact same position
- Fix for "clone dragged objects aren't selected" (issue #124)
- Fix for "Rotation mode mouse position dashed line appears in wrong position" (issue #127)
- Fix for "Error when closing a scene" (issue #118)
- Partial fix for "Change the way height handle manipulation works" (issue #126) - only shape generation

Version 1.320
- Fixed "Receive Shadows" checkbox is off by default + has no effect (issue #123)
- Fixed "'Shadow only' model doesn't show shadow-only texture in editor" (issue #119)
- Fixed "Dragging on extrusion arrow jumps extrusion point" (issue #121)

Version 1.319
- Fixed MissingComponentException on rigidbody when it doesn't exist when building (issue #94)

Version 1.318
- Cube/Cylinder generation now shows nicer bound measurements
- Fixed "Releasing V key should finish shape, but doesn't" (issue #89)
- Fixed "Do not zoom in when pressing ALT Bug" (issue #82)

Version 1.317
- X/Y/Z axis locking button are now red when inactive
- object edit mode now shows bounds sizes more clearly
- object edit mode now shows locked axi more clearly

Version 1.316
- Fixed bug where mesh was continuously generated
- Fixed bug where duplicates of invisible meshes where generated
- Fixed bug where meshes used for discarded and invisible surfaces would get colliders attached to them
- Fixed some debug message being left in release (oops)
- Improved naming of generated FBX meshes, copied tags from CSG model to imported FBX model (issue #91)
- Fixed bug where invisible surface meshes could accidentally be added to build (issue #68)

Version 1.315
- Fixed 'SceneUtility' class conflicting with new SceneUtility class in Unity 5.5.x (issue #78)
- Fixed tangent space rotation (issue #47)
- Made surface selection more visible (issue #56 / issue #59)

Version 1.314
- Fixed 'Mesh collider needs to be readable' error on play (issue #62)
- Fixed flipping brushes leaving mesh in bad state (issue #55)
- Fixed dragging material on non-brushes working again (issue #50)
- Fixed non CSG child objects disappearing when exporting to FBX (issue #45)

Version 1.313
- Fixed mesh not properly rebuild when edges where merged (issue #64)
- Fixed "Setting the parent of a transform which resides in a prefab is disabled to prevent data corruption" error when dragging (issue #43)
- Partially fixed dragging material on non-brushes working again (issue #50)

Version 1.312
- Fixed clip mode not removing second (hidden) brush when going back and forth between split and non-split mode (issue #48)

Version 1.311
- Fixed surface smoothing no longer smoothing (issue #40)

Version 1.310
- Partially fixed dragging material on non-brushes working again (issue #50)

Version 1.309
- Fixed split not working in clipping mode (issue #48)
- Fixed scaling multiple objects in object edit mode, while unity's pivot mode is set to local (issue #28)
- Fixed surfaces disappearing when clicking them after creating first shape due to ordering of model & brush creation (issue #42)
- Fixed surfaces moving right after creating shape
- Partially fixed surface smoothing no longer smoothing (issue #40)
- Added warning when model is set to trigger, but collider is not set to convex (issue #31)

Version 1.308
- Fixed extruded shape not immediately being shown right after creation (issue #24, #25)
- Fixed changing scene resetting scene representation twice, once delayed & only on C# side (issue #24, #25)
- Fixed surface selection not selecting correct surface after welding edges (issue #30)
- Fixed raycasting on brushes and surfaces, causing surface mode to not work
- Default shape height (press enter directly after creating 2D shape) is now set to height of last shape that was created (request #36)
- Fixed clicking through tool window of surface edit mode (issue #32)

Version 1.307
- Fixed dragging gameobjects under other gameobjects no longer working when they contain brushes
- Improved performance when doing Undo (issue #29)

Version 1.306
- Fixed errors when going to surface mode after removing a polygon from a brush (bug #30)
- Fixed selecting surfaces in surface mode was broken (bug #25)
- Fixed surfaces/brushes always being selectable even when not rendered (bug #22)

Version 1.305
- Fixed handles being too large when too close to the camera
- Fixed center handle in mesh edit mode having a way too large area
- Fixed being able to select thin brushes more easily

Version 1.304
- Fixed multi-scene editing putting all meshes of all scenes into one scene (you might need to rebuild CSG in every scene seperately)

Version 1.303
- Fixed shape generation not scaling properly when model is scaled
- Fixed model exporting to FBX/reverting exported FBX to model not flagging scene as dirty (making it impossible to save the scene unless you change something else)
- Fixed cancelling export the model leaving the transformation of the model meshes modified
- It's now possible to drag & drop materials on brushes in the hierarchy

Version 1.302
- Fixed length of direction arrows not being correct when model is scaled 
- Improved polygon triangulation

Version 1.301
- Made it possible to resize extruded shapes in two directions
- Made choosing subtractive/additive brushes more reliable for box/cylinder
- Fixed broken edge sides text in free-draw
- Fixed crash in polygon convex decomposition code

Version 1.300
- Fixed crash bug when dragging same prefab back into scene after deleting it
- Added 'close' button to in scene tool helper, that opens the dockable tool editor window
- Added support to quickly draw boxes
- Model inspector
	- now shows statistics (vertex-count, triangle-count etc) in inspector about the meshes it generated
	- now allows the user to turn off generation of specific vertex channels

Version 1.213
- Fixed original outlines was not shown in clip-mode
- Fixed clip-mode not removing secondary brush part when switching between split and non-split clip mode
- Cylinder and free-draw mode now
	- render transparent polygon for 2d shape
	- revert to 2D vertex edit mode when height = 0
	- show polygons being valid or invalid while creating shape (shape mode only)
	- now possible to keep modifying the 2D shape even after extruding
Version 1.212 
- Fixed camera issues in surface mode
- Fixed several mesh mode issues 
- Optimized surface line rendering
- Optimized wireframe mode line rendering

Version 1.211
- Fixed situation where operation containing pass-through operation would act as if it's a pass-through operation itself
- Fixed situation where valid shapes where flagged as being invalid
- Fixed situation where invalid shapes would get the camera stuck

Version 1.210
- Created start of editor API (just one method right now)
- Lengths of side messages no longer overlap arrows in object-mode
- Object mode now has edge points for resizing bounds

Version 1.209
- Fixed grid in ortho not showing all lines
- Done some work improving line and dot rendering speed in mesh, object and clip mode

Version 1.208 
- Fixed bug where every frame it would render an extra time, each time you created a new scene (grid would become less transparent every time)
- Fixed outlines not always updated in Mesh mode
- Fixed situation where clicking on surface would make surface invisible
- Fixed cylinder material being up-side down when created

Version 1.207
- Made editing the shape work with Undo/redo
- Made shape and cylinder creation work better with camera orbit
- Both shape and cylinder creation now show sizes better

Version 1.206 
- Added default physics material to model, which is now the physics material that the colliders will use
- Cylinder now has radius and height text box to manually set radius and height
- Free-draw now has height text box to manually set height
- Fixed starting to drag a brush in object mode while pressing control (which toggles snapping) does not move the brush
- Fixed grid not showing all lines

Version 1.205
- Snapping is now ON by default when installing realtime-CSG, this caused some confusion.
- Fixed issues with Unity 5.5
- Fixed cylinder generating mode interpreting right mouse button as if it was left mouse button
- Fixed mesh mode sometimes getting 'stuck' while editing

Version 1.204 
- Fixed control meshes becoming uneditable in certain situations, until reselected

Version 1.203
- Fixed not being able to move your brush in some situations
- Fixed work grid set to ground plane in mesh and object mode, causing large instead of small movements when brush is far away from ground plane
- Fixed snapping in mesh mode was incorrect when moving multiple brushes at once
- Fixed camera gettings stuck issues in Clip mode
- In clip mode you can now first create a clipping plane through the surface you draw the line on, and then (optionally) place the third point by clicking on another edge or surface

Version 1.202

- Fixed camera getting stuck issues in Mesh mode
- Fixed pressing delete when extruding shape doesn't cancel shape creation
- Fixed remembering "wireframe mode" for each sceneview

Version 1.201

- Fixed camera getting stuck issues in Object mode
- Bounds now mirroring when resizing into a negative size
- Now showing x/y/z in bounds in Object mode

Version 1.200

- Fixed incompatibility with 5.5
- added support for reversed world, unreal style

Version 1.102

- Fixed finishing extrusion shows default cube mesh in edit mode until clicked again
- Fixed camera getting stuck after extruding and doing an camera orbit rotation (alt-left click)

Version 1.101

- Fixed clicking outside of brush in mesh mode didn't always select other brush
- Fixed brushes not always rendered in mesh mode
- More than doubling of performance of CSG algorithm
- Fixed Mac build

Version 1.100

- Added ability to export model to FBX and turn model into model w/ ability to switch back
- When work grid is aligned with ground plane it's not shown to avoid confusion

Version 1.005

- Fixed invisible surfaces becoming colliders on play

Version 1.004 

- Fixed issue where mesh-mode would become unresponsive

Version 1.003

- Fixed creating invalid shape + rebuild (or undo) could make it possible to make inverted/wrong shapes in mesh mode
- Fixed distance to points/edges (potentially) being used from wrong sceneviews, causing weird behaviour
- Fixed duplicate or copy/paste not always seeming to select the new copy
- Trigger is no longer assumed to always be invisible

Version 1.002

- Fixed trigger/collider having mesh-renderers on play
- Fixed vertex selection marquee in mesh mode not always showing up
- Fixed vertices not showing while trying to select with marquee in mesh mode
- Fixed object marquee selection failing on large objects

Version 1.001

- Fixed brush drawing convex shapes