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Software engineer with a proven track record in developing complex algorithms. I have more than a decade worth of experience working with a wide range of technologies. I'm flexible, creative and analytical. Fast learner. I love everything that has to do with game development, story telilng and computer graphics.

As an Independent game developer I created the game Gunship-X and the hit iOS game Zombie Gunship.

I'm an industry expert on the topic of Constructive Solid Geometry. I developed a unique, published, Constructive Solid Geometry algorithm, for which my name is mentioned on the wikipedia page on Constructive Solid Geometry.

A later, improved, version of this algorithm I used in a level editor extension for Unity, which I independently built from scratch. This extension is sold by me on the Unity Asset Store.


  • 10+ years of experience in C/C++
  • 10+ years of experience in C#
  • 6+ years of experience with Unity
  • Excellent math & geometry skills.
  • Expert in computer graphics.
  • Expert in OpenGL / GLSL.
  • Expert with visual studio and xcode.
  • Experience with git, cvs, svn, sourcesafe, mercurial.
  • Experience with Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2 / Consumer
  • Experience with iOS / PC / Console development


  • Dutch — Native
  • English — Fluent


Core Foundation Engineer, Unity Technologies Copenhagen, Denmark — 2015 - now At the Core Foundation Team I worked on improving the underlying architecture of Unity and on problems that trancend individual teams.

Lead engineer, Prenominal - Realtime-CSG (Unity) Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands — 2014 - now Developed and designed an extension (an asset) for the Unity asset store called Realtime-CSG that allows the user to create levels using Constructive Solid Geometry. More details can be found here.

Designed and implemented the whole asset, based on an unique algorithm I developed independently. This version of the algorithm remains real-time even when performing hierarchical boolean operations on thousands of primitives.
 The asset was build on Unity3D and written in C# and C++.  
Lead engineer, Well Formed Pixels - Gunship-X (iOS/PS4/PS-Vita) Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands — 2013 - 2015 Developed and designed the game Gunship-X in collaboration with 2 other companies based in California, under the name of Well Formed Pixels.

Designed and implemented the AI, gameplay code, shaders, UI / Menu system and audio scheduling code. The game was build using Unity3D and written in C#.
Software engineer, Prenominal - Zombie Gunship (iOS/Android)
Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands — 2011 - now Developed and designed the game Zombie Gunship in collaboration with 2 other companies based in California (Limbic Software and Hidden Elephant). Zombie Gunship design was based on my concepts.

I wrote the rendering engine (at iPhone 3gs base level hardware), GLSL shaders, the post-processing pipeline (first iOS game with post processing), the AI and large parts of the gameplay code. Created using OpenGL, GLSL and C/C++.
Over 13 million downloads  Forbes — "Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti-zombie weapon."   IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing"   #1 Top Grossing app. #1 Top Paid Downloaded app.
Technology Programmer, Guerrilla Games Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 2000 - 2001 Worked on the game KillZone for Guerrilla Games (at the time it was still called “Lost Boys Games”, later the company’s name changed after being acquired by Sony) where I worked on animation & texture tools and engine components in C/C++. Refactored and optimized the OpenGL rendering for the windows side of the engine.
Lead engineer, Organiq - LOI super spy school (Serious game) Rotterdam, The Netherlands — 2010 - 2011 Implemented and designed the backend and implemented the frontend for the serious game super spy school for the Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen. The game content was designed by Organiq. Written in C# / ASP.NET and SQL.


Real-time Constructive Solid Geometry Game Development Tools (CRC Press) — 2011 In this article I describe a unique algorithm, which I independently developed,  that makes it possible to perform Constructive Solid Geometry (Boolean operations) on primitives in real-time.

Click here to see blog posts about CSG, written before the article


Voxel world 2012 - 2015 Wrote from scratch a voxel based infinite world renderer using OpenGL and C/C++. I applied “Approach Zero Driver Overhead” (AZDO) techniques, reducing frame rendering time to below a millisecond. Uses weighted blended order independent transparency and various other techniques.  
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Virtual texturing 2009 - 2010 Experimented with virtual texturing technology. Imported Doom 3 levels and rendered them using a virtual texture. All written from the ground up.  
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MD3 View December 1999 Within 24 hours of the release of Quake 3, I reverse engineered the MD3 model format. Together with a friend we then wrote a viewer to view those models and released the source code.   This viewer was subsequently used (and improved) by licensees of the Quake 3 engine and used in subsequent projects by Id software themselves.   For writing this viewer we both received a very special thanks in the game Star Trek: Elite Force by Raven Software.


Owner/Software engineer, Synthesis Rotterdam, The Netherlands — 2006 - 2010 Worked on a diverse range of projects such as police interrogation recording software, repetitive strain research software, ringtone converters & websites for colleges and various companies.
Software engineer, ASK Community Systems Rotterdam, The Netherlands — 2005 - 2006 Continued development on agent based intelligent communication system which can combine and coordinate multiple types of communication channels (phone, email, sms etc.) intelligently. Completely rewrote web based user interface, extended and upgraded agent capabilities.
Lead engineer, Med-Europe BV Hilversum, The Netherlands — 2002 - 2005 Created web and mobile applications (pocket pc & palm-pilot) in C/C++ for physicians and large pharmaceutical companies such as GSK and Pfizer.
Software engineer, Dot-Orion BV
Rotterdam, The Netherlands — 2001 - 2002 Designed various applications such as mobile payment systems in C/C++ and Java based chat-servers. Also worked on the Dutch (NPOL) license plate system and developed several modifications and extensions to the Xpol system for the Dutch police in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Freelance Software engineer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands — 1999 Development a cold-fusion plug-in which connected to an online transaction system, this plug-in made it possible for customers who visited the kijkshop website to proceed to the checkout of the transaction system after the customer has selected several items to purchase. Before the transaction system only allowed a customer to pay for one item at a time


  • 1997 — 1999    Polytechnic Faculty HR&O / Information Technology
  • 1996 — 1997    Willem de Kooning Art Academy


  • 2017 — Game Developers Conference (GDC)
  • 2016 — Game Developers Conference (GDC)
  • 2015 — Unite Europe
  • 2014 — Steam Dev Days
  • 2013 — Game Developers Conference (GDC)
  • 2011 — Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)
  • 2000 — Siggraph